We offer professional IRS representation.  Allow us to guide you in your dealings with federal and state agencies.

Have you received a letter from the IRS?Have you been notified that the IRS intends to file a lien or levy your assets?

Do you missed filing returns in the past?  Are you unsure where to start to correct the mistakes in the past?  Do you owe the IRS money?

If the IRS has chosen you, defending yourself can be an overwhelming and frightening idea.  Notices from the IRS are often intimidating and corresponding with an IRS agent can be confusing.  We can help you understand the process and choose the best route to a resolution that fits your circumstances.

Don’t stand alone.  Allow us to assist you with your representation.  Did you know that you can ask the IRS to contact us, instead of you once you hired us as your representative? Call us and let’s discuss your options…

Ask us about a penalty abatement request, offer-in-compromise, or withdrawal of filed lien.

Safeguard your rights as a taxpayer!